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Impero – The Finest Design Made To Last

Manufacturing furniture exclusively in Malaysia for over 15 years.
Whether it’s your first home, a particular room, or home renovation, we have a wide selection of furniture for you.

We are beautifully crafted and innovative in all our furniture to meet the high demand in the Malaysian market. Our mission is to make quality furniture while maintaining an elegant interior at your home and workplace.


At Impero, it is our expertise to fuse creativity in design with stellar craftsmanship to create products that meet the expectations and aspirations of our dealers and customers.

To maintain our reputation as a leading manufacturer, we also emphasize building the highest quality products and their durability to meet the satisfaction of our customers.


Starting out as a furniture retailer, we attain first-hand knowledge on the difficulties of assuring the quality of furniture produced by other factories.

With all the years of experience in this business, we will make it simple for our customers to shop from us without the worrying of poor workmanship and unaccountable after-sales service.

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